• Data Reports

    Faster Granular Data-Driven Insights for Investors


    We create systems to collect, organize, and analyze data that power your investment research to new depths and 10x efficiency.

    Data Integration

    Alternative Data from China Made Easy


    Through our proprietary platform, institutional investors can connect to a wide network of alternative data partners in China with confidence in data quality, reliability and compliance.

    Specialized Data Analysis

    Your Cutting-Edge Data-Driven Research Partner


    In addition to our standard products, we also conduct exclusive data research projects for clients to push the frontier of investment research.


    BigOne Beta Program


    We are inviting a limited number of analysts from investment institutions to participate in our Beta Test. You will get full access to our product suite.

  • BigOne Lab


    BigOne Lab offers data products and solutions to power the investment analysis process for global institutional investors.


    Through our proprietary systems and partners, we collect terabytes of publicly available data generated by companies through their operations, and turn the data into high-value products that help our clients analyze companies and industries with new insights and depth.


    We are funded by ChinaGrowth Capital, ZhenFund, and leading experts in financial data.

    Join Us

    Based in Beijing, China, BigOne Lab unites a team of world-class talents with backgrounds in computer science, data science, product management, and investments. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team.



    - Product Manager

    - Data Engineer

    - Data Scientist

    - Institutional Sales Manager


    For more detailed job descriptions, please check out https://www.lagou.com/gongsi/j156167.html. Feel free to send your resume to jobs@bigonelab.com.

  • Founders

    Our founders are committed to building a one-stop solution for alternative data in China to improve the information asymmetry in the market.

    Mu Chen


    Prior to founding BigOne Lab, Mu had years of experience in developing data tracking products for global institutional investors.


    Mu previously worked at Chilton Investments, Pacific Alternative Asset Management, and Mitsubishi-UFJ Financial Group. Mu studied Foreign Affairs and Financial Economics at the University of Virginia.

    Jessie Wang

    BD & Operation

    Jessie Wang is responsible for business development, sales, and operation at BigOne Lab. She is applying her expertise in the data industry in China to build an integrated alternative data platform for our customers.


    Prior to BigOne Lab, Jessie led the global institutional investors team at iResearch. Jessie graduated from Peking University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Sociology.

    Ted Chen


    Ted Chen is responsible for leading the technology team, turning cutting edge technologies into unique and valuable data products.


    Prior to BigOne Lab, Ted worked at Bloomberg LP as the primary developer of the Bloomberg Terminal's M&A function. Ted graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, with double majors in computer science and finance.